Adam Wynn

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Collage artist and graphic designer Adam Wynn's work is all hand cut and finished, not a digital render in sight! He uses found imagery to create his collages, and his combinations of subject matter often hold political undertones. Adam's beautiful use of juxtaposition invites the viewer to think more deeply about what they are seeing, and how their own connection to the world around them influences the narratives they construct from his work. 


interview with the artist 


How would you describe your work to someone you’ve just met on a night out? 
I spend a small fortune cutting up old books to make analogue collages.  Buy me a drink and I’ll let you buy one from me!


Who/what are the biggest influences to your work?
I try to find inspiration from a variety of mediums.  From photography (Idris Khan, Wolfgang Tillmans), collage (Peter Kennard, Richard Hamilton, John Stezaker), and somewhere in-between (Robert Rauchenberg, Marcel Duchamp).


Tell us a bit about your latest project?
In my latest project, I’m developing a series of collages which are inspired by the Twitter feed of Donald Trump.  Of all the adjectives you could conjure up about the bloke, he is strangely robotic in nature, so finding a running theme in his messages was quite straightforward, albeit worrying.


What is the one main thing you want people to think/feel when they look at your work?
I want people to remove themselves from the normal ‘detective work’ which is often part of appreciating art.  I want each person to find their own individual connection to the work.  My feelings, inspiration and opinions are secondary.


If you could have a portfolio review with anyone who would it me?
John Berger. 


Use three emojis to sum up your work?


What was the last song you listened too?
TV Girl – Birds Don’t Sing


A word you say all the time?
I haven’t ever grown out of dropping the word ‘man’ on the end of nearly every sentence.  Fast approaching 31 years old, I’d have expected that to have disappeared by now, man.


What can we buy you if we see you at the bar?
Any lager on draft is fine with me.  


Dogs or cats? 
Dogs > Cats.  Infinitely. 


What animal would you describe yourself as?

They’re pretty calm animals, and then out of nowhere there’s this whirlwind of energy.


What projects are you working on atm?
Apart from university work, I work on a monthly zine (Triple One Five) in collaboration with a BCU Art & Design student.  We cut and paste stories found in Metro Newspaper to reimagine our own narrative on social and political views.


Collage's created by Adam Wynn
to see more of adams work visit his instagram 

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Images by Adam Wynn Words by Jessica-Rose Lena 

Kirsty Mcewen