Tamsyn Preedy


Welcome to the soft and squishy world of designer Tamsyn Preedy! Working primarily with digital design and illustration Tamsyn has opened up the worm hole into a pastel playground full of ugly cute characters you can't help but want to poke! Her gentle and rounded style brings a playful aesthetic to her tongue in cheek subject matter. Her characters cheeky antics are often disguised at first by the subtle colour pallet she uses. But as you look deeper you can't avoid the smirks and giggles that Tamsin's work provokes! 

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Interview with the artist 


How would you describe your work to someone you’ve just met on a night out? 
If asked I normally end up saying do you like food, nudity and squelching sounds? Then I’m your gall, or I just show them my instagram that’s easier.

Who/what are the biggest influences to your work? 
I find anything and everything can trigger an idea for me just in day to day life. However when I get a brief I try to start off coming up with ideas independently before actively looking for inspiration. I find this helps to enhance my idea rather than lead it. I also have a lot of books and magazines so those are always an inspiration to me and my favourite artist right now is Martina Paukova I was lucky enough to work with her last Christmas.

Tell us a bit about your latest project? 
My latest project was for the 26.2 exhibition which celebrated the Birmingham Marathon. Each artist was given a mile of the race to create art work for. I have an ongoing side project entitled the fruit cake friends so it seemed only natural that they would be running in the race. I modelled one of the fruit cake friends as a runner about to slip on a banana, I’m a very serious designer obviously.

What is the one main thing you want people to think/feel when they look at your work? 
I would say I’m quite a selfish designer because I don’t mind if no one gets what I’m doing but I hope it makes people happy and one day I would like to make PET Club a more official club for people to be a part of.

If you could have a portfolio review with anyone who would it be?
hummm I actually don’t have a portfolio I have a look book instead and I kind of sent my last one off (better make some more) but if I could I guess it would be interesting to see what company’s like lazy oaf and Nobrow thought of my work.

Use three emojis to sum up your work? 

What was the last song you listened too? 
Turn my heart to stone

A word you say all the time? 
I say sausages way to much I’ve been told! Personally I don’t think you can have enough.

What can we buy you if we see you at the bar? 
I’ll have a White Russian please.

Pop corn, salty or sweet?

What animal would you describe your self as? 
Humm I would say a Tarsier, they are small, have creepy hands and love to sleep.

What projects are you working on atm?
I’m planning a book which I’m thinking will be the origin story of the fruit cake friends. Some clay models and some digital models.




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images by Tamsyn Preedy Words by Jessica-Rose Lena 

Kirsty Mcewen