Katie Lester


Katie is breathing fresh life into the world of fashion with her signature abstract style. Focusing on colour, texture and the fine points within garments, her work is a rebellion against the mass produced 'shiny' fashion. She often obscures her subjects creating a sense of  anonymity and allowing the viewer to construct their own narratives. Her often faceless photographs use intriguing posing alongside colour to set the mood without the the need for expressions. It is this keen attention to detail and eloquence of visual langue that give Katie's images their stand out individuality. 


Interview with the artist 

How would you describe your work to someone you’ve just met on a night out?
Mostly girls, with a fashion aesthetic. Colour, a lot of colour.

Who/what are the biggest influences to your work?Photographers, Stephen Shore, William Eggleston, Viviane Sassen many more... All my girlfriends for their individuality and uniqueness. And the the ordinary stuff I see every day.

Tell us a bit about your latest project?
Latest project, in working progress is about the way women are viewed in images, exploring what and how we identify with them.

What is the one main thing you want people to think/feel when they look at your work?
I want people to be able to take an element of it that they can relate too, whether it’s just for a second or longer that it makes them think of something.

If you could have a portfolio review with anyone who would it me?
I would quite like to have a chat with Stephen Shore just because I’ve listened to him in a few interviews and I understood a lot about what I was doing from him when I first started taking photos - Which was a relief because I could never understand why I could suddenly see.

Use three emojis to sum up your work?

What was the last song you listened too?
Wide Open - The Chemical Brothers.

A word you say all the time?
I don’t think I have a word, I have a look👀 which apparently I’ve been pulling since I was a kid.

What can we buy you if we see you at the bar?
A G&T and usually a Tequila shot.

Sweet or salty popcorn?

What animal would you describe your self as?
A Crab.

Because instead of going forward I go sideways.

Katie's work will be showing as part of the FREE RANGE Festival at the Old Truman Brewery, London in the Summer (check their website for more info here) but for now here are some of our fave images, and to see more check out her Instagram (details below) 


to see more by katie visit her instagram 

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images by Katie Lester (styled by Priscila Baker) words by Jessica-Rose Lena

Kirsty Mcewen