Martyn Ewoma



Photographer Martyn Ewoma has been going from strength to strength since he finished his degree here in Birmingham last year. His work often holds a defiance of gender stereotypes, reflected in the styling of his portraits and how he captures his subjects, both male and female alike. Recently published in British Vogue, and gaining recognition from some of the biggest magazines in the industry, his is certainly a name we expect to hear big things about in the very near future!




Interview with the artist

How would you describe your work to someone you’ve just met on a night out?
This actually happens quite a lot when I get talking to strangers on nights out. I think I usually say that's it's reflective of my personal style and taste in clothes. There's an element of juxtaposition to it in the sense that I try and showcase certain brands in contexts that you wouldn't expect. For example the Moss Brothers editorial I did where people were playing football:

Who/what are the biggest influences to your work?
In terms of subject matter most of my work comes from personal experiences or ideas. But there's definitely photographers who have influenced the technical element of what I do. I'm a big fan of the work of Ash Kingston, particularly the documentary feel to it in that it never comes across as staged or rigorous so he's very good at interacting with models. I quite like Dakota Gordon's use of tone in her 5x4 work - really nice subtle colour palette.


If you could have a portfolio review with anyone who would it be?
That's a good question, Tyrone Lebon.


Tell us a bit about your latest project?
I've actually started photographing boys a lot more recently. My work for the past year had been predominantly focused on photographing women although I think it was more male orientated when I started out. Plus when I started my career I was 18 and quite nervous so I found the prospect of asking women I didn't know to photograph them quite daunting which is why I started out photographing mainly lads. So it's sort of gone full circle. 


What is the one main thing you want people to think/feel when they look at your work?
I don't honestly think about that very much - obviously I'd just hope that they think it's good and that they like it


Use three emojis to sum up your work?
Haha, not sure?:  📸 + 🆒 + 🔥


What was the last song you listened too?
Biig Piig - Vice City 


what can we buy you if we see you at the bar?
A pint of stella or a glass of water depending on how worse for wear I look


what animal would you describe your self as?

They're flamboyant, long limbed and look exceptional in pink 

A word you say all the time?
Apparently I describe any negative situation as "peak" irrespective of seriousness. So I'd say "peak" haha.


Below is some of martyn's latest work

you can find more on his website and instagram  @_martynewoma


words by Jessica-Rose Lena images by Martyn Ewoma

Henry Bartonwong