INTRODUCING : Photographer Mohammed Bukhari

Aspiring Birmingham photographer Mohammed Bukhari is using his lens to find his place in the world, and to great affect! His documentary style images usually following digbeth's nightlife, capturing ambiance with his creative use of available light and colour. 


Speaking to Far Out he told us "There have been a multitude of reasons for wanting to find out where I fit in the grander picture, coupled with fighting demons that manifest themselves in the guise of depressionand anxiety. In aid of combating this, I fell upon something which has taken me on a road of self-fulfilment, self-worth and self-discovery."  It's this emotional connection to the images he produces that leaves them with beautiful feeling of immersion. 


"Having quite accidentally found something I feel I can call my own, I have opened myself to a world of highly creative,inclusive and accepting people that want nothing more than to make something beautiful." - Mohammed Bukhari


You can find more work by Mohammed on his Instagram @midworldmo


Images by Mohammed Bukhara words by Jessica-Rose Lena

jessica lena