INTERVIEW : with The Band Hub

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Last week Far Out went over to Sutton to catch up with the lads from The Band Hub! 
Here's what they had to say about the Band Hubs journey so far and onion bhaji sandwiches... 


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Kirsty : Okay so to kick us off, describe the band hub in only adjectives? 

Josh: What!? 

Kieren: fuck!

Josh: is awesome an addictive? 

Josh: incredible 

Kieren: amazing 

Josh: awesome 

Kieren: we aren’t really describing what we do were just describing good things at the moment! 

Josh: Incredible awesome and amazing….!

Kirsty: we’ve got an easier one, we’ll start with an easier one! tell us in 10 words or less who you are and what you do!

Jess: I love how thats meant to be our easier one!

Kieren: We are the band hub and we are really cool!

Jess: aye nailed it! 

Kirsty: What is the weirdest song you've ever recorded?

Both: ahhhh (laughs) 

Josh: I've got loads from when I worked in Ireland 

Kieren: I don't know, maybe yesterday for me?!
Josh: yeah but that was lovely!
Kieren: It was still weird though! 

Josh: I worked at a studio in Dublin
there was this guy and he had a manager and his manger phoned up and said have you got a engineer that can do this so I said yeah. He did like house music, it was like house music..

Kieren: It was not like house music!  it wasn't like any music!

Josh: so anyway we got there and he started singing and he was… different
like it was different, like he just couldn't sing to be honest, he just couldn't sing, and no amount of rescuing would save it, but he'd book in for hours and hours, to like try and get it different but he'd sing it exactly the same, and then he stared coming round to my house cos he couldn't afford the studio costs anymore. Like id get all my equipment set up in my flat and he’d sing it and it'd be exactly the same!  

Kirsty: the same song?

Josh: yeah and he'd sing it exactly the same way!

Kieren: you remember x factor in the old days when you'd have those people that were just really delusional ,yeah he was one of them!

Jess: aww bless!

Josh: But his mate was his photographer and his other mate made his beats, so he was like wanted to be part of the team, but he was like the weak link? 
but he was nice 

Kirsty: Kieren whats yours?

Kieren: I just recorded an 87 year old man singing Mario Lanza, who's like a singer like frank sinartra but older. It was weird cos he's Italian 

Josh: hes not Italian!

Kieren: No not the man, but the original singer is! and he was singing in Italian, but he didn't know any italian! He was like ‘ ah its amazing how you can pick up the words isn't it!’ i was like nah i don't think you’ve picked up any of the words man! thats like two weird ones!! 

Josh: I worked with a christian band in Ireland that just weren't a christian band at all!

Kieren: What were they like the opposite?

Josh: what like a satainic band (laughs) nah nah
But yeh they just weren't a christian band! 
they were three sets of two brothers, and we recorded the first song and like it was alright and then they switched instruments and they were all better at their like second instruments. So i said to them like look the second song is better because you all play better with your other instruments and they were like nah cos on that song I have to play acoustic! or i have to play drums! to be fair they were only like 14 , 15

Kieren: yeah yeah i remember being that age though and thinking everything I wrote was like the dogs bollocks and it just weren't ! (laughs) 


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Kirsty: Have you got any good news stories from someone who's started here?

Kieren: the attics are playing a festival to 5000 people in June, and headlining the academy, oh wait are we allowed to say that!? 

Josh: yeah they’ve announced it on the academy website now!
19th Jan! tickets are £7.90

Kieren: They formed here

Josh: yeah, recording and rehearsing here, and then they were the first band we signed to our label and management program.

Kirsty: who's gunna be the next big one then?

Kieren: the attics probably 

Jess: then who?

Josh: Shakana, she was our first ever client! 

Kieren: yeah she was!
she's realising her EP in the next month I think, yeah that was the first EP I ever produced, except for my own, fun fact!

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Kirsty: A genie in a lamp appears, what are your three wishes for band hub?

Josh: its really hard to only pick three!

Kieren: Yeh but thats all you get, beggars cant be choosers and all that! 

Josh: Can I wish for more wishes?

Jess: nah thats cheating! you cant do that!

Kieren: Yeah rules and regulations, genie would have vanished now!

Both: 1) A Load more band hubs, have them all over the uk, and the world! build like a global brand 

2) to make an imprint on the music industry in the UK, like a record label 

3) number three like something in TV, you know like showing what happens in the studio and that would be cool. 

Kirsty: what would it take to open more Band Hubs?

Kieren: making sure this one could take care of its self, cut we’d need to be else where.

Josh: It would be more demanding as well, we’d have to move like about six months before hand to actually get there and put on some shows and make sure we actually have custom first. 

Kirsty: so where would you open the next one?

Josh: Liverpool!

Kieren: London!

Josh: you’d wanna go straight there!?

Kieren: well wheres the money? 

Kirsty: Yeah why Liverpool!

Kieren: Just cos you really like Liverpool! 

Josh: Yeah I do really like Liverpool, like I wanted to go to university there, it was my first choice but I'm glad i didn't go because i changed course and i did a lot better when I went to London… its already falling on its face isn't it! err just the whole music culture thing

Kirsty: now our favourite question!

Jess: yessss!!!

Kirsty: Imagine we’re exstentric investors, and we will grant all your wishes if you can pitch Band Hub to us in a drawing!

Josh: Omg this is all you!

Kieren: Give me some paper!
I actually cant draw!


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Kirsty: So whilst we’ve got you drawing Kieren we’ll go with some more ‘normal’ questions!
Tell us a day in the life of Band Hub?

Josh: Shall we tell you what we should be doing or what it is we actually do?
Reality is Kieran picks me up go get a coffee and food, then work on an EP whoever mixing it mixes it. Like it’ll be either me or Kieran so like today it was siren and i was on the social media answering emails that kind of thing. And we have bands hire out the space to practice and people hiring out the green screen room to do like live streams and things and we just of, we don't really have a plan because every day is different. So like over the weekends we’ll do mainly recording, and then in the week its mainly rehearsals some weeks well put a show on, which usually works out the second Friday of every month. 

Kieren: Were open 12 - 10 every day 

Josh: We usually have one day of a week, but we don't usually have it off!

Kieren: We’ve been best friends for 8 years!
We might have things where we don't like agree but its never got to the point where we have a full blown argument! 

Kirsty: So do you have any specialist genres? 

Kieren: We both have different ones but yeah we do have specialist genres 

Josh: mines, mines more rock music, like indie rock, singer song writer and rock are like mine definitely 

Kieren: Yeah and I cover basically anything Urban, i produce more than engineer so if its like a project for an engineer then Josh’ll do it, if its for a fully blown producer ill do it, so yeh more urban and pop really. 


Kirsty: Hows the drawing?

Jess: Yeah is it ready!?

Kieren: alright you ready for the big reveal!?
Okay so you've gotta work it out like it kinda gives a speech like

Jess: go on!

Kieren: right so its, We want money, because we’re number one, we love you if you gives us the money, and we’ll give you a cheeky wink aswell!

Kirsty: what do you reckon Jess?

Jess: I like it!
I’m liking this pile of money here!

Kirsty: OH I thought that was bricks, oops!


Kieren: so do we get it?

Kirsty: Yeahhh!

Jess: Yeah man love it! 10/10!

Kieren: yes!!!!



Kirsty: What are your platforms where people can connect with you are see what your up to?

Josh: everything is @thebandhub Kieran managed to get everything! was it twitter the one you couldn't get and you reported the guy? 

Kieren: Facebook

Josh: yeah facebook we couldn't get the band hub because there was a guy in china that had it so Kieren reported him and said that we owned the band hub, and we got it!


Josh: so everything is now at the band hub! 

Kirsty: do you know what the guy had to change his name too?!

Josh: don’t care! 

Kieren: to be honest i don't even care 


Kirsty: Whats you’re key demographic? or can anyone come here?

Kieren: yeah anyone can come here

Josh: I mean probably teenagers
but yeah anyone, we had an 87 year old in yesterday!

Kirsty: pick three emojis to sum up the band hub!

Jess: ooo I love this one! 

Kieren: the fire one! totally the fire one!

Josh: wait wait let me look, see which ones we use

Kieren: Nah its that one! that one! 

Josh: yeah!! that one
cus it would been well generic to have the music note 

Kieren: yeah yeah true



Kirsty: Whats your favourite sandwich?

Kieren: from where? can it be subway?


Kieren: nah your just thinking subway though, it could come from anywhere!
not from subway but a meatball sub, from New york! yeh yeh I'm going with that! NOOO NO IM NOT!!
In london theres a place called Burger and Lobster and they do lobster roll, thats the best sammich ever!

Josh: Mines gunna sound well boring now though!
nah mine’d be something like a chicken club sandwich, 
they’re bare nice 

Kieren: why would you make a bad sandwich though!?

Josh: well, we saw an onion bhaji sandwich how horrible is that!?

Kirsty: oow no that sounds quite good actually! yeh!

Kieren: There from co op, limited addition, cut there not gunna last that long!


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Kirsty: What events do you have coming up?

Kieren: We have the 22nd where the Attics are headlining, a christmas thing at the Station (Sutton) thats £5 a ticket

Jess: In Birmingham?

Kieren: nah nah the station in Sutton, you would have walked past it when you were getting lost!

Josh: The pub!

Kirsty and Jess: ooooh!!! Yeah we know where you mean!

Josh: yeah yeah you know it once we say the pub!

Kirsty: we were walking round lost like, pub? (laughs)

Kieren: I don't blame ya! thats where we’re going after this!

Kirsty: so you guys do some teaching here as well? Do you reckon your good teachers?

Kieren : errr (laughs)

Kirsty: cuz we’re gunna challenge you to teach Jess some drums!

Kieren: like right now?

Kirsty: Yep! right now, do you accept the challenge?

Both: yeah go on!

(Video Below!)

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Interview by Jessica-Rose & Kirsty McEwen Write up and photos by Jessica-Rose Lena

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