The Attics are stepping out into what could be a very promising music career. The fresh faced lads from Sutton have just finished recording their first EP, and after the success of their debut single 'Monday' and first ever show things are gathering momentum. 



Far Out caught up with the boys to talk about there new single and working on their first album! 

So, how long have you guys been playing together?
Joe: We've been playing together probs about 4 months

And who are your biggest influences as musicians?
Joe: For me biggest influences would be catfish and the bottlemen, arctic monkeys and like the kooks.

Are you working on any new projects at the moment?
Joe: We're currently working on bringing out either an EP or album, we've got all the tracks written and ready we're just getting them tight atm before we go into any recording. Got a new single called Rome coming out on December as well!

Tell us more about your latest single STUCK?
Joe: Stuck's probs the slowest song I've written lol. It's basically about feeling like an outcast and I wrote it when I was proper depressed on the morning after a party

Out of the four of you who takes the longest to get ready before a show?
Joe: Karam's late to literally everything so he takes the longest!

What was the last song you each listened too?
Joe: Last song I listened to was cave song by Pretty Vicious cos we're all on our way to see them rn

Whens your next show?
Joe: we've got a headline gig at Sutton town FC on the 22 December, and charity gig at Wheats Garden centre on the 28th October and another at the shed in Leicester in November! 


New single 'Stuck' is available to download now 


words and images by Jessica-Rose Lena 

jessica lena