REVIEW : DELAWARE Ghosts of Dead Airplanes

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The post-punk trio have certainly delivered with song after song steaming into hyper energetic hooks that’ll leave you with the urge to pogo insanely around your kitchen, the bus, train wherever you’re listening!
So much attitude in one little pink case, today’s words of wisdom; never judge an EP by its cassette guys! 

Find the EP both digital and cassette here :

And lurk them on all the socials too! instagram : @ghostsofdeadairplanes @quasar.sounds
twitter : @GhostsODA

youtube: GhostsODAmusic


Birmingham based Ghosts of dead airplanes are currently bouncing off the high of realising their EP Delaware. The guys at quasar sounds were kind enough to send us a copy of the bands limited run pink (YEP PINK!) cassette, and if the packaging is any indication of the content you’re gonna want to give it a listen! 

Dystopian, surreal album art gives it instant pick me up appeal, and everyone loves that nostalgic feeling as you click the tape player shut! but open the case to a cute AF cotton candy pink cassette and your left wondering if your in the right place? Five punchy, unapologetic tracks later and you can be sure you are!

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You can catch Ghosts of dead airplanes live (which I totally suggest you do!) at the wagon and horses, digbeth on September 9th.


words by Jessica-Rose Lena

jessica lena