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Stanford is the latest single from our Nottingham neighbours Babe Punch. Not your run of the mill feminist punk band, these guys really know how to nail hard hitting messages with some seriously catchy vibes. Since my first listen of their CD I HAD to get this track on my phone too. Safe to say its earnt a permanent place amongst my faves! This is certainly one for your Monday morning playlist! hauntingly addictive and guaranteed to wake up your inner bad ass. I would STRONGLY advise you give these guys a listen (or 100!)

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"The inspiration for this song came from the Stanford rape case where an intoxicated woman who was unconscious was raped by a high achieving swimmer at Stanford university. This case was a perfect example of victim blaming in rape cases and the attempts to excuse such a horrific act. FUCK RAPE CULTURE."

Listen to stanford here
The track is also available to download on soundcloud and through iTunes.

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STANFORD cover artwork by Cailin Mae Cummins @caimae

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words by Jessica-Rose Lena

jessica lena