REVIEW : Timm Sonnenshein : division, resistance & empowerment

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Far Out had the pleasure of attending the opening night of this documentary photography show, which began with a heart warming introduction by the artist himself. He introduced his ethos, his thought process and his intentions with his selected documentary photographs.


 Timm is nothing if not a humanist, pouring his heart into each image and throwing himself into the shoes of each of his subjects.  The photography show is an amazing representation of Timm’s political views and his passion for creating a social movement and a positive shift in society.


As we walked around the show, we noticed each section was divided into issues, from racial to social, Timm has it all covered. He focuses much of his work on his local area and pulls on the heartstrings of us all. He shows us the people we would typically walk past in another light. He gives each person a story and makes you question if you have really done what you can to change our society? The social issues he presents are real and they are happening now. They are important, and his work makes you acknowledge this.

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Far outs faves! 

Our favourite pieces are hard to select, as they all a beautiful message and story behind them. However, we managed to choose a few….

Fave pick 1: “An EDL protester who was rampaging through Bradford lays in the street as he gets bitten by a police dog. A further officer shouts at him”. We totally loved this piece as it was high energy and captivating. It transports you to the scene itself, the absolute chaos of the street (and the dog was super cute!)


Fave pick 2: “A police officer pushes a student as Liberal Democrats staff lets the shutter down on him during a student occupation of John Hemming’s Lib Dem office on Coventry road.” This piece’s compositon was the most interesting, as we see the student being pushed, and the police officer above him! Timm kindly demonstrated how the action went down. This work shows the real passion of all involved in the protest and Timms confidence to project the truth. He is not afraid to be up-close and personal in order to produce a series of thought provoking work.


We 100% suggest a visit to this show. It’ll not only change your perspective… but its gonna make a change in the world!

Division, resistance & empowerment is currently on display at the parkside gallery,
birmingham city university, parkside campus
until 24th feb 2018


Words by Kirsty McEwen
Images of Timm Sonnenshein's work taken by Jessica-Rose Lena 

Kirsty Mcewen