So! Following our write up on Clarion’s second single, Misfit, Far Out spoke with front man Jay Adam to get an insider angle on what stories and inspiration have been behind their current singles, and whats coming up from the boys in the future! 

With final piano elements being composed as we speak for the final track of  Clarion’s Debut EP On Tick, there's set to be some new tunes coming our way this spring! So far the band have put out three singles from On Tick, here’s what we think of them and a little about the experiences that inspired them!

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What you want

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This was the first demo the band recorded that they felt had the vibe they wanted for their first release. Its become clear their fresh take on synths and 80's reverbs mixed in with trashy riffs has created the signature sound that we never knew we wanted so bad! The aim with this track was hit the middle ground between upbeat and chill, and they have certainly succeeded, weather you've got your mates round for pre's or your having a cheeky little smoke at the end of the night, whack this on and your sorted!  



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Their second release Misfit takes a much more personal direction, written to hold a thought provoking and relatable sentiment on the ups and downs of falling in love. 


Up in space

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The latest and most poignant tack from the boys, Up in space, centres around a subject that touches and taints so many lives, yet so often goes unspoken about. This song touches on how depression can change and effect person, its lyrics beautifully communicate feelings you carry in  your darkest moments.  If you have suffered from depression, you'll know its easy to feel like your the only one experiencing those thoughts and feelings. But this song could easily be a personification of your own personal struggle. However, this song and its message is equally important to those that haven't experienced depression first hand, its lyrics can give you a raw and truthful insight to the struggles faced by those around you on a daily basis. Songs that focus on important issues like this are unfortunately few and far between, but on top of being an amazing platform for awareness, Up in space is also a beautiful song and has certainly left us looking forward to the release of their EP! 

Words by Jessica-Rose Lena images Clarions own 

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