REVIEW : Miss World @ Sunflower Lounge


On Feb 6th Birmingham duo Miss World played the sunflower lounge supporting the incredible Peach Club. They played a beautiful acoustic set, full of gorgeous renditions of classics from the likes of Oasis amongst some of our fave Lana Del Ray tunes! 

Miss_world_ 3.jpg

These two have truly gorgeous voices, that made the hairs at the back of our necks tingle! They held the room captivated in their emotion filled set that created a warm nostalgic atmosphere. We are so excited to see what these bars have in store for us next! Here are some pics of their set too incase you missed it! 

Miss_world_ 1.jpeg
Miss_world_ 5.jpg
Miss_world_ 2.jpg

words and photographs by Jessica-Rose Lena

jessica lena