CHERRY BOMB @Digbeth Brew Co.

Friday February 16th saw the first ever Cherry Bomb event hosted at Digbeth Brew co. by Elizabeth Ilsley! Designer and maker by day this ultra babe has now turned her hands to the decks, and we're loving it! She absolutely smashed her debut headline night no doubt about it, and her mix of dance floor anthems and indie bangers was just what we needed! The intimate venue created a super upbeat and chilled atmosphere, so if you're looking for somewhere to let your hair down on Friday night this is definitely the place to do it.

We are stoked to hear that Cherry Bomb will be back next week (30th March) in collaboration with Shit indie disco! And best of all there's no need to stress about getting tickets before 'cus its just 3 quid on the door!?? How can you say no!?

If you were wondering what you missed last time, don't worry, here are some pics of the night to get you hyped for the next one!  

JRL__02__ copy.jpg
JRL__02___65 copy.jpg
JRL__02___8 copy.jpg
JRL__02___55 copy.jpg

words and photos by Jessica-Rose Lena

jessica lena