The Attics @ ASYLUM 2

Friday the 16th February saw The Attics play their second headline show of 2018, this time at the Asylum! Far Out went along to capture the night in pictures and have a little chat with the lads after the show! Heres what they had to say....


Who’s most likely to fuck up on stage? 
Brandon : KARAM!
Harry : Karam! 
Joe : Yeh Karam!
Karam : *laughs and nods*

How would you describe tonight in one word?
Harry : Unprepared!
Karam : Yeh thats a good word!

If the attics were an animal what would they be? 
Harry : TIGER!
Joe : No a penguin!

Why a penguin?
Joe : 'cus I like penguins!
Brandon : a panda!
Harry : No definitely a Tiger!
Brandon : cus we’re fierce!
Karam and Joe : *laughs*

What can we buy you if we catch you at the bar?
Harry : Budweiser
Joe : ooooh I wanna try that cocktail thing! whats it called?
Karam : Carling!
Brandon : Guinness for me
Joe : Like no chunk? wait chunk no?
Brandon : nah! *laughs* no cherry chunk, thats what it was, I think!
Joe : yeh yeh that! 
Brandon : its like amaretto and some shit

Who gets the worst pre show nerves? 
Joe : Brandon
Harry and Karam : yeh Brandon
Brandon : Yeh, definitely

Who drinks the most before a show?
Brandon : ME!
Karam : BRANDON!
Harry and Joe : Yep Brandon!

Who drinks the most after?
Harry : BRANDON!
Brandon : Not me! thats you bro!
Joe : Nahh its Brandon!
Brandon : Harry you drink like a fish mate!

If anyones gunna turn up late, who would it be?
Joe : Karam
Brandon : yeh Karam
Harry : Karam
Karam : yup!
Brandon : although actually it was you tonight *points at Harry*
Harry : Tonight it was me to be fair

And how did you feel tonight went ?
Joe : Considering the amount of preparation that went into it..
Harry : it went okay
Joe : like 200% than we expected *laughs*
Brandon : yeh and by that we mean literally no rehearing for two months straight!

Lastly whens your next show!?
Brandon : 30th of March at the O2 Academy!

here are our photos from the gig, and scroll down for a full list of upcoming shows!


If you missed them this time around, here's a list of all their upcoming gigs! *YAY* 

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Photos and words by Jessica-Rose Lena

jessica lena