INTERVIEW : Alex Lawson

Multi faceted artist Alex Lawson has been speaking to Far Out about her journey as a creative and goals of becoming a fully fledged tattoo artist! Having always had a desire to draw and paint her progression to body art seems only natural. She is currently an apprentice Ink the Skin in Acocks Green, where she began as their body piercer in November last year, and then started her tattoo apprenticeship in January, and has already produced some stunning pieces! Here's our interview with Alex and some of her favourite pieces so far!

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Tell us a bit about your background as an artist? 
I’ve been painting and drawing as long as I’ve been able to read or write, I started off doing cartoons and illustrative stuff but now I’ve moved into fine art.

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What made you first want to make the leap from paper to flesh? 
The paper to skin transition started pretty early, having had some next level emo phase, I’d been interested in piercings and tattoos from about 13, so one of my goals was to eventually be able to tattoo!


Who/what are the biggest influences to your work? 
I don’t really have any huge influences, I take a lot of inspiration from classic painters, surrealism and music as well.

What’s you’re favourite piece so far? 
The favourite piece I’ve tattooed so far has been the surrealism scissors, based off a piece by Vladimir Kush.


If you could tattoo anything on anyone, who and what would you choose? 
If I could tattoo anything on anybody, I’d like to tattoo either continuous line portraits or some of my watercolour paintings (not too fussy who they’re on, just as long as they’d appreciate it!)

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If you could have a portfolio review with anyone who would it me? 
I’d love my art portfolio to be looked over by professional critics, there’s always room for improvement. In regards of tattooing, @shitwishtattoos is my absolute idol, guidance from him!

Use three emojis to sum up your work?
Three emojis to sum up my work would be: ✍️☕️🚬 most of my work is drawing and coffee / fag breaks

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What was the last song you listened too?
Last song I’ve listened to was : Cigarettes and Saints by The Wonder Years (bloody love these guys, one of the faves)

A word you say all the time? 
I definitely overuse the word “dude”, I never know how to address people so I just kinda blurt out what first comes to mind.

what can we buy you if we see you at the bar? 
If you see me at a bar, anything alcoholic is welcome, I’m a fairly unclassy vodka bitch usually, unless gin is an option in which case I’m still unclassy.


what animal would you describe your self as? why? 
If I was an animal I’d be a panda, cause they’re Asian , a little pathetic, but still cute, they definitely look like they shouldn’t have made it past infancy, and if that ain’t me, I can’t think of anything more relatable haha!

To see more of Alex's work or book an appointment with her check out her instagram

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